Ellen Moraes (COE #9)

*Limited Release*

We are lucky to be offering this Cup Of Excellence Coffee From Brazil thanks to Importers Southland Merchants.

This is no fermented fruit bomb, this is clean, sweet, complex and will change your mind of Brazil coffee can be forever.

Nestled in the heart of Araxá-MG, within the prestigious
Cerrado Mineiro region, Morada do Sol Farm, owned and
operated by Ellen Lorencini Moraes, stands as a testament
to unwavering dedication and a profound passion for the art
of coffee cultivation. The sprawling estate encompasses an
impressive 900 hectares, with 21 hectares meticulously
dedicated to the cultivation of coffee.

Recognizing Germany's pivotal role as a
significant global coffee importer, Marta's wealth
of expertise and industry connections sparked a
shared vision within Ellen and their father, Laércio
Lorencini. This vision, fueled by a commitment to
crafting top-tier coffee, laid the foundation for Morada do Sol Farm.

Equipped with a background in agronomy, Elen takes pride in ensuring meticulous
oversight at every stage of the production process, from the initial planting of coffee
plants to the final harvest. The farm's unwavering commitment to excellence is evident
in every facet of its operations.
Morada do Sol coffees undergoes a meticulously orchestrated natural processing
method, starting with the initial drying phase on concrete patios. The microlot coffees
are meticulously finished on suspended drying beds, ensuring the attainment of the
perfect moisture content and contributing to the distinctive quality of each batch.

Morada do Sol Farm is not merely a coffee producer; it is a manifestation of the
Lorencini family's dedication to the intricate craft of coffee cultivation. Driven by a
shared vision to deliver exceptional quality, Morada do Sol Farm invites you to savor
the result of their passion and commitment to the art of coffee.

Photo and Info credit : Southland Merchants




Blackcurrant, stone fruit, brown sugar


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